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Ailira: AI Legal Chatbot Solutions For Your Practice, Organization Or Law School
Ailira: Next Generation AI Enabled Legal Research
Ailira: The Law Firm Without Lawyers

Ailira: AI Legal Chatbot Solutions For Your Practice, Organization Or Law School

Need an information or help chatbot for your law firm website?
Want to generate branded legal documents via a chatbot?

Our platform helps you do both at the fraction of the cost of outsourcing the job.

Are you a law student or law school we`ll give you access to the platform for free!

Ailira: Next Generation AI Enabled Legal Research

Ailira enables law and tax professionals to research faster more efficiently with our NLP AI generated search algorithm developed specifically for the law.

Move beyond word or boolean searches.
Ask complicated legal questions
Search for paragraphs and blocks of text

Ailira has already been taught Australian Tax Law,

Coming soon
All Nigerian primary legislation and cases product
US IP & Aus IP product

Use Ailira's proprietary algorithm to help you search both private and public information.
No taxonomies or indexes need to be built.
Ailira just goes to the data source and learns & answers immediately
Privacy Issues: Ailira can be instructed to forget or remember searches. You decide
Ailira can research in over 30 languages and is currently learning Thai and different iterations of Bahasa & yes she understands Chinese characters

Ailira: The Law Firm Without Lawyers

The Law Firm Without Lawyers is the world's first physical location where a client can go and process a legal document using artificial intelligence and one of our helpful LTA's (Legal Technology Assistant)

Our first office operates out of Darwin (NT) and the second office launches January 2020 in Karratha (WA), the world's largest mining town.

Rural & regional Australia his historically under served by lawyers, "The Law Firm Without Lawyers" provides a solution with documents costing half the price and taking half the time to complete and always with a friendly human to help the client complete documents. Still need to talk to a lawyer, not a problem, "The Law Firm Without Lawyers:" will refer you to a trusted local practitioner.

"Law Firm Without Lawyers" will be launching in all states in Australia in 2020 & 2021

Currently "The Law Firm Without Lawyers" sells, Australian Wills

Coming soon. Australian Company Formation & Management legal documents

Is there an opportunity for the "Law Firm Without Lawyers" in your jurisdiction ?

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