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App4legal packs all the tools you need to simplify the management of your legal business and increase your productivity, revenue and client satisfaction to help you transform your law practice.
App4Legal is one of the products of Infosysta, an award-winning software powerhouse company that provides solutions to companies and organizations including US Department of Justice, Intel, Dell EMC and top leading financial institutions.
Because App4Legal aims at satisfying everyone, the application is available as a cloud solution as well as an on-server solution. Our main focus is your needs and how to make things easier for you, we offer pricing models that are simple and affordable for all individuals and organizations of different sizes across the globe.

We help you:

Worry Less
Manage your entire law practice workflow and track your matters and team progress with only a few clicks. Take full control of your [ Contacts - Companies - Matters - Intellectual Property - Hearings - Tasks]. Set reminders & appointments and use our powerful document management system to store, view and edit your documents. Better yet, you can do all that straight from our mobile application!

Bill More
Capture more billable time with App4legal time tracking module. Track and manage your internal expenses as well as expenses for your [ Clients - Suppliers - Partners] and generate [ Monthly - Quarterly - Yearly] reports to have a better view of your financials.

With features that solve problems like reports and 360-degree boards we enable you to focus on what you do best - Getting new clients and achieving their satisfaction. We have paved the path for you to take on the competition head-to-head, case-by-case and task-by-task.

We value our clients as we consider them our partners and commit to helping them in every stage.

At App4Legal, we take your privacy and data security very seriously. We protect and secure your legal and financial data using proven technologies, certified and accredited by third-party privacy organizations.
Finally, our support team is always happy and available to assist you whenever you needed the aid.

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