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Cansford Laboratories Ltd.

Cansford is the Hair Drug, Alcohol and Steroid Testing Pioneer.

Based in the UK, our team first offered hair testing 25 years ago and today we offer hair, oral fluid and DNA testing. We are ISO 17025 UKAS accredited and work from the UK`s largest hair test catalogue. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to customer service and offer a competitively priced three-day turn-around for hair testing from the date of receipt in our lab.

Hair Testing provides the most comprehensive detection profile over time, making it an excellent part of a client deterrent or abstinence evidence strategy.

Contact us with your next drug or alcohol testing case and we will advise you on the best set of tests to order, arrange your sample collection, and provide post-report advice is required.

Get the clearest results for your next filing date with Cansford Labs.

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