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CaseLines benefits from ten years of research and development, combining the skills and views of technical experts, solicitors, barristers, judges and supporting functions. CaseLines is the front-runner and go-to company in the evidence management field.
CaseLines has established the leading reputation for effective preparation and presentation of trial evidence. CaseLines pre-eminence led to its selection by the UK Supreme Court in 2014 and the Crown Prosecution Service in 2015. CaseLines now manages evidence for over 10,000 cases each month with bundles of up to 200,000 pages. CaseLines is a world-wide company with clients and users based in the UK, USA, South America, Europe and the Middle East.
Clients range from law firms taking large and long-running cases to trial to Local Authorities dealing with sensitive child protection issues. In addition, all criminal cases in England & Wales are presented in the courtroom using CaseLines, with over 20,000 users including 1,000 judges.
CaseLines is designed to deliver:
• Simple, user-friendly interfaces that require little training
• Management tools to support thousands of cases and thousands of users, with full reporting and auditing ¨
• World-class security - to the ISO27001 standard
• Scalability - there is no limit to the case size, number of cases or number of users
• Academic and judicial links - improvement through continuous dialogue
• One click streaming of digital media evidence
• Applications and orders, edited in court and stored in the bundle
• One click video conferencing from within the case

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