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We help law firms keep in regular contact with clients.
Do you keep in touch with your clients between transactions? The chances are you don`t! If you don`t you should. Law firms spend vast amounts of money trying to attract new client and frequently forget about their existing clients.
It`s simply not good enough to expect your clients to come back to you just because you think you did a great job for them - you probably did! But, nowadays, if clients have a legal problem and if you`re not in regular contact with them, they`re more likely to go to Google to find the someone to help them solve their problem than they are to contact you.
Client Communications specialises in helping law firms keep in regular contact with their clients through our eNewsletters for law firms service. We can handle everything you need to go to get this up and running.
Don`t have an email list? We`ll harvest, sort and clean your client email data.
Don`t know how it should look? We`ll create your very own eNewsletter template for you.
Don`t know what to say? If you don`t have your own content, we`ll create this for you.
We`ll publish your eNewsletter to your clients and after it`s gone, we`ll report on its performance.
Our service is flexible and allows you to promote specific services and provide custom reports. Why now publish a report on the Chancellor`s Budget to your clients? We`ve prepared a Report like this for our clients and published it to their clients on the evening of the budget. Clients are impressed that their lawyer is switched on enough to put this together and send it to them.
What better way to say to a client `we value you` than to send them an eChristmas Card? You`re in touch with, perhaps, thousands of clients wishing them a `Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year` and seeking absolutely nothing in return! How`s that for getting your name in front of clients? And it won`t break the bank either.
eNewsletters for law firms is a simple, straightforward way to keep in touch with clients. It helps them understand all of the areas of law you cover - not just the one they first came to see you about. You can explain changes in the law, how these might affect them, promote your services and win new business.
Keeping in touch with clients using eNewsletters for law firms is simple, straightforward and affordable.
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