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CLS Risk Solutions Ltd

At CLS, our expertise in data, technology and insurance enables us to design solutions that remove uncertainty from property transactions and development projects for the UK and European residential and commercial property markets.

We achieve this by combining data, legal knowledge and insurance capacity to create products and solutions for the UK and European property markets.

Transactions and development projects are underpinned by due diligence intended to flag legal and technical uncertainties that can jeopardise projects.

Insurance Solutions - CLS Risk Solutions Limited`s insurance solutions combine both contingency and legal indemnity underwriting methods - called `Contingent Legal Indemnity / Property Contingency Solutions.` CLS`s unique strategy involves working in partnership with a panel of carriers, who share their approach to risk management, to underwrite a bespoke range of insurance products relevant to property transactions, ownership and development projects.

Data Solutions - CLS Property Insight Limited utilise bespoke data aggregation and analysis tools to create innovative due diligence assistance products for both residential and commercial property issues.

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