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Digital Pathways

Digital Pathways has been in the data protection and cyber security market for over 20 years.

We have a range of solutions to meet today`s complex requirements for compliance and data privacy including GDPR.

Our success is based on our team of professionals, highly trained in data and cyber security, who have worked extensively in the commercial world and know how solutions work in practice. Theory is the starting block; practical, successful application is the end result.

Digital Pathways has a full range of data security solutions, some of which are also offered as a fully managed service, to match your business needs in a flexible, cost efficient manner.

Areas we cover:
• Data Encryption • Managed Security Services
• Secure Mobile Voice Recording • Data Leakage
• Security Gap Analysis • Smart Building Reporting
• Audit & Event Management • Penetration Testing
• Protective Marking • User & Session Recording
• Insider Threat Detection • Incident Management Reporting

Secure Log Management and Reporting
Provides secure log storage and periodic reporting of access to your servers and devices regardless of location.
• Logs are monitored for integrity (the logs are not changed in any way)
• Logs are encrypted with AES256.
• Logs are stored in a secure appliance.
• Periodic reports are sent via email to nominated individuals detailing the activity specified in the reports.
• Raw Logs can be made available at any time for audit or regulatory/law enforcement analysis.

User Monitoring and Analytics
We can enable your organisation to monitor administrators and users in their daily access to corporate resources, and provide instant training on best practice to the individuals via on screen messages. Any session can be recorded if an individual performs an unapproved action. All these statistics are stored and used to provide analytics on a user behaviour, which can be used to trigger an alert to unusual behaviour and prevent a breach before it happens.
• Low impact recording and monitoring
• Clear concise analytics via an informative dashboard
• Customisable messages to improve user understanding of company policies
• Improves user awareness of data security
• Reduces the Insider Threat

Transparent Data Encryption
All formats of data can be protected using our transparent data encryption services for any sensitive information residing on your servers whether they are cloud based or within your local network environment, without any changes to the server operation or modification to the application.
• Provides cryptographically strong key storage.
• Robust access controls to protected data.
• Completely transparent to existing applications.
• Very low impact to services and performance.
• Strongly protected encryption keys residing within the European Union.
• Invisible to authorised users of the data and no training required to use the system.
• Database or application level encryption to comply with PCI.

Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Encryption
We can offer secure Oracle Wallet or MSCAPI secure automated key storage for your cryptographic key material relating to your Oracle or Microsoft SQL servers regardless of its location.
• Secure key storage and management.
• Keys not stored with the Database server.
• Keys not available to the Database Administrator at any time.
• TDE/wallet keys stored in multiple secure tamper proof appliances.
• We have no access to your encryption keys at any time.

Automated Server Compliance Auditing and Reporting
By working with you to develop a set of criteria your servers must achieve, we can then integrate this into our automated Auditor tool to generate periodic compliance reports. This information enables you to track patch levels, software and domain policy, applications and trends across all your servers giving you and your auditor visual and immediate information on your systems. This is then used to demonstrate your corporations` compliance with regulations, governance and best practice policies.

Managed Gateway and Endpoint Services
We can install, configure and manage your internet gateway, providing
• Secure email encryption
• Country control (geographical region blocking)
• Gateway e-mail antivirus and spam scanning
• Desktop antivirus device control and encryption.
• Web scanning and application control (Skype, Facebook etc.)
• Secured WiFi with guest privileges if required

Managed SIEM services
By working together with your organisation`s infrastructure, server and network teams we can provide On or Offsite Security Incident and Event management services, integrating and correlating logs and events from your equipment to provide actionable security intelligence relating to your servers, desktops, mobiles and network infrastructure, delivering periodic reporting and near real time alerting and enabling consistently reliable and effective oversight of your security posture.

Protective Marking of Documents and Emails
We can install and manage a flexible solution for protective marking of any document or email created within your organisation, providing
• Multi-level options for document classification
• Detailed auditing of document control and violations
• Control of document leakage or inappropriate emailing of information.
• Not limited to documents but can be applied to images, PDF`s and Web Outlook emails

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