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Efficient Portfolio

We understand that you want a complete financial planning service that works around your unique goals. That is why at Efficient Portfolio we take each client through a life planning programme. Here we are able to discover your individual aspirations and show you how these can be achieved. All of our clients follow the Efficient Wealth Management Process, a unique process designed to give you the best advice in all areas of your finances with the flexibility to meet your objectives as they evolve.

With offices in both Rutland and London, we are members of the Personal Finance Society, Chartered Institute of Insurers and the Association of Independent Financial Advisors. We are committed to the PFS code of Ethics and regulated by the FSA.

We feel that the fairest way to work for our clients is on a fee basis. We believe that it is the only way to be truly independent. Much of the Financial Services Industry`s problems have been caused by inexperienced, commission earning sales people. On a fee basis we can give advice on all areas of your finance, not just commission paying ones. We also believe that this structure is the only way in which we are able to give you truly independent advice.

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