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HL TRAD is a European company founded in 2006 by two B to B language service specialists who aimed to build an innovative translation company focused on only the legal and financial sectors. Since 2006, HL TRAD has clearly stood apart from the rest through its desire to play a part in the everyday lives of people working in these sectors. Its specialist positioning, unusual for a language services company, has made HL TRAD a key partner to Legal and Financial professionals. This original and unique concept has today spurred remarkable growth as HL TRAD continues to expand throughout Europe. HL TRAD - Translation and Interpreting Services for the Legal and Financial Sectors Quote in less than 1h l Availability 7 days a week in 100 languages l Sworn & Certified Translations l Urgent Translations l Interpreting HL TRAD l London l Paris l Brussels l Geneva I Amsterdam l Milan I Frankfurt

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