Exhibiting at the Legal Cyber Security Expo

iLaw Advocate

Advocate is the legal evidence preparation and presentation software. It takes care of pdf creation and annotation and then turns all evidence, research and served documents into something much better and more useful.

Advocate reaches deep inside the formative case narrative, creating tagged events that build automatically into timelines, chronologies, pleadings, briefs and presentations. Advocate can be relied on to find all your document links, points of law and images immediately, especially when you are under pressure. Handing over a hearing at the last minute is easy, with no risk of misunderstanding from a chaotic paper file and ropey handwriting. Advocate makes it possible for anyone to go to court without the paper file and present a full hearing of any kind using only their laptop.

Advocate is built just for lawyers and for any type of case you will take instructions in. It even has unique sections devoted to preparation of sentencing hearings and of timelines for skeleton arguments.

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