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Transform your CRM into a customer Relationship Automation System - Introhive is a relationship data science platform for CRM that helps drive user adoption and consumption of CRM data. The software reduces the number of clicks that end users need to make in order to have the system work for them while helping to maintain clean and accurate data within the system. The Introhive platform puts a focus on email and mobility in order to enable end users to use CRM where they work the most while supporting their fast paced environments.

* Data Entry - Introhive simplifies how users use CRM through automation, by reducing the number of clicks they have to make in order to log new contacts, activities and call reports.
* Data Extraction - Introhive will proactively send pre-meeting digests to help people prepare for their meetings. These digests can be customized for the organization and typically include meeting attendee profiles, current news/financials, holdings information, as well as CRM and relationship data.
* Relationship Mapping - Introhive puts the context of relationships behind contacts in CRM, helping the organization to understand `who knows who` between their employees and the outside world. This helps relationship managers put data science behind key contacts in order to drive revenue, build coverage models, and increase client retention.

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