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Jaeva Management Services Limited

Jaeva provides specialist consultancy and training to the legal sector. Its highly knowledgeable, dynamic consultants and trainers have lengthy backgrounds in your industry, understand your challenges and can help you overcome them. Jaeva`s raison d'etre is enabling law firms to work more efficiently, be it by implementing new software or bringing together people, processes and technology to add real value.

Present and past projects are wide ranging, and support can be tailored to almost all law firm conundrums. Jaeva`s most frequent consultancy projects include practice management system selection, PMS and CMS implementation, project management, data migration assistance, project rescue, business process reengineering and legal accounts training to name a few.

Legal accounts is a particular strength within Jaeva, with Owner and Managing Director Nicola Moore-Miller`s chartered accountancy and legal accounts background comprising senior management-level finance roles within the legal profession for almost 20 years. Because of Nicola`s broad accounting specialism, Jaeva`s able to offer the requisite bespoke consultancy to promote best financial performance, but at the same time guarantee compliance with the plethora of regulators whilst ensuring the needs of those earning fees are met.

What makes Jaeva truly different is its genuinely caring attitude towards its employees, clients, associates and other stakeholders. Relationships are at the core of everything Jaeva does. Constantly striving for excellence, the Jaeva team work collaboratively with you to deliver exceptional solutions and as a result are awarded with a loyal, repeat client base for whom Jaeva acts as a trusted advisor.

Jaeva can be instructed on an ad hoc, ongoing or fixed term basis, according to your unique business needs. You can tap into its deep sector expertise, benefit from consultants and trainers with the desirable and necessary skills to manage one off or regular projects, without committing to full time, permanent employees.

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