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We`ve found you an extra hour a day. Now, how are you going to use it?
Knowledgemill automates the process of organising, sharing, and retrieving emails and documents from anywhere at anytime... without leaving Outlook.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review survey people still spend half their working day in Outlook and they are sending more emails and documents than ever. Workers use email to communicate, collaborate and store. Filing can be time consuming. Forrester estimate that an average worker spends at least 1 hour a week just filing email. Collaboration is difficult with emails and documents held on individuals' desktops or in Outlook folders. Information about clients or projects is not held in a central store, is difficult to retrieve, and data can be missing or not up to date as people forget to file or leave the project or company.

Our platform manages emails and documents for some of the best companies across the globe.

Connect your CRM, PMS or Billing System
Knowledgemill integrates with all major CRM, PMS or Billing Systems. Whether you work by prospect, customer, client, project, or matter, the filing structure in Knowledgemill automatically adapts to your business requirements. One of our most popular connectors is Salesforce. When a new prospect, lead, or account is created in Salesforce it's immediately available to be filed to in Knowledgemill.

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