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Imagine if you could reach everyone who needs a lawyer. Imagine qualified leads in your inbox every morning, without you having spent a penny on marketing. Sounds too good to be true, right?... Wrong!

LegaleXe is an intelligent marketplace that matches suppliers and consumers of legal services in a unique, fair and transparent way. Utilising AI to qualify consumer queries and direct them to the appropriate supplier, LegaleXe provides firms with genuine leads whilst widening the choice for consumers.

The brainchild of former legal professionals, LegaleXe is a targeted marketplace, both on the supplier and on the consumer side. The principle is very simple. Users have a chat about their legal issue with an AI who provides them with quotes for solutions to their problems.

By transforming all consumer queries into potential instructions, LegaleXe provides law firms with access to an unlimited and pre-qualified client base.

LegaleXe's vision is to organise the legal market and make acces to justice fair an easy.

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