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Omni3 Communications Ltd

Omni3 provide a complete range of best-in-class technologies and products to enable our customers to enjoy business solutions that are second to none. Omni3 are the go-to company providing a higher level of services, communication and efficiency.
This common proposition is delivered with consistent execution across the UK. Omni3 do business with integrity and trustworthiness earning us the respect to make us the natural choice for Unified Communication and Networking expertise. We employ the best people, empowered to do their jobs and with a deep knowledge of our products, vendors and solution technologies.

Unified Communications
We think working together is the most exciting thing in the world. The workplace is transforming to become anyplace, anytime, anywhere.
The growth of high definition, real-time collaboration technologies is enabling new possibilities in the modern workplace. Unified Communications for all software and CRM environments
• Unified Communication cloud infrastructure
• Contact center software
• Centralised call recording
• Centralised management information

Advanced Networking

The network is changing faster than ever, spurred on by digital transformation. It`s becoming borderless - connecting users, applications, services, data and clouds. This is prompting many organisations to scrap old methods in favour of new thinking.
Next-generation networks are flexible, scalable infrastructures that are heavily automated, simple to manage, and optimised for the greatest performance. We help our clients make sense of an evolving technology landscape and depart from legacy technologies and move to hybrid networks that mix on and off-premises infrastructure.
• Software defined networking
• Network visibility and analytics.
• Robotic self-healing and AI technology


In the modern workplace our teams, clients and collaborators are spread all over the world. We need to not only see and present to them, but to share, discuss and truly work together.
To work efficiently we need predictable and dependable ways to come together, we need our physical and digital workspaces to be in tune, together as one.
Our reliable and supportive teams will help you plan, build, support, manage and optimize your collaboration spaces and places.

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