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OPEX Corporation

Difficult Documents, Made Simple.
OPEX Corporation provides state-of-the-art document imaging platforms and high-speed mailroom automation technologies. Our innovative `one-touch` scanning approach, significantly increases customers processing speeds whilst transforming workflow efficiency and reducing arduous document preparation.
From thick paper/cardboard to onion skin and fragile or damaged pieces, from envelopes and file folders to receipts, to small forms and business cards - nearly any style or type of document can be scanned by a singular operator! With the optional external capture device and software, three dimensional objects can be imaged and placed directly into the electronic record. When fitted to the OPEX Model 72 Rapid Extraction Desk Falcon RED™ is the fastest, most efficient way to process and scan document packs directly from the envelope. Importantly, Falcon RED allows operators to prep and scan documents faster than the traditional separate `prep then scan` processes - which significantly reduces labour costs.
For law firms processing customer packs directly from envelope, there is no quicker solution to sort, extract, prep, scan, OCR and distribute documents to owning departments.

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