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Perfect Portal

In the UK over the past decade, conveyancing work has slipped away from law firms to panel managers. Perfect Portal`s Conveyancing Sales Management System enables Law Firms to take back control and reverse the trend by re-building direct relationships and retaining 100% of their hard earned conveyancing fees.

There is no room for a laid-back expectation that introducer-driven business from sources like estate agents will simply keep coming through the door. Law Firms need to be equipped to deal directly with enquiries and maximise relationships with estate agents and mortgage brokers.

Our Technology will help you:
- become more independent by shifting revenue from the panel managers to you.
- build new relationships with the estate agents and mortgage brokers.
- protect your stakeholder relationships.
- analyse your business relationships and differentiate your earnings to that of private and direct clients.
- build your conveyancing department and collaborate with other parties.

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