Exhibiting at the Legal Cyber Security Expo


RepKnight is a UK cyber security company with a difference - we think you should be looking after your data, not just your network. Our BreachAlert web application continuously monitors millions of Dark Web, dump and paste sites, watching for your data being posted online, and alerting you in real-time if we find anything. Fully cloud-hosted, BreachAlert can be configured in a few minutes from any web browser, with minimal operational impact on your overstretched IT security team. Already deployed by many global organisations for data breach detection and reputational protection, BreachAlert can alert companies within minutes if their data - including client information, login credentials, employee PII or confidential documents - has been hacked, leaked or stolen. With just 72 hrs to report a breach, RepKnight`s BreachAlert is a highly cost-effective part of any GDPR compliance strategy.