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The Octalysis Group

We help companies engage customers through behavioral science and game-design.

Our clients comprise Fortune 500 businesses as well as Small and Medium Enterprises, with projects in 4 continents (including the UK). We have legal sector experience and are well aware of the challenges posed with liberalisation of the current legal marketplace.

Now more than ever it is important for law firms and legal service providers to ensure that the experience around their service offering is solid and engaging. Now you will need to compete in a competitive playing field, and online. It is imperative that you focus on how to pull your clients in, and keep them engaged, even when you do not interact with them face to face on a regular basis.

The Octalysis Group provides Gamification solutions that result in greatly increased customer engagement as well as employee workplace motivation ROIs. Through use of behavioral science and gameful design we achieve user acquisition and long term retention.

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