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YUDU Sentinel is a crisis communication app designed for businesses in case of fire, terrorist and cyber attacks, or any other critical incidents.

Check People Are Safe In Minutes:
Use Sentinel's 'Multi-Alert' feature to flood alert the phone numbers and email addresses of your employees. See real-time responses quickly and easily with Sentinel's administration system.

Keep People Informed:
Use Sentinel's group feature to target specific people or groups of people with the messages and documents that they need to see.

Reduce The Severity Of A Crisis:
Ensure consistent messaging and information is distributed to your staff with Sentinel's centralised communication architecture, broadcasting information down through your organisation to the people that need it most.

Reduce Outage Time:
Sentinel makes it easier to communicate to the right people in less time. Perfect for incident management.

Reduce Damage To Your Organisation's Reputation:
Communicate relevant information quickly and efficiently, so that a crisis can be dealt with before damage to your reputation happens.

Learn For Future Incidents:
Use Sentinel's built in post-crisis analysis and auditing features to help understand where you can improve response times and management of future crisis incidents.

YUDU Sentinel's mission is to improve the resilience of businesses and help organisations protect their staff in an emergency.

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