As of May 25th 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect in the UK. This will change the way in which all business handle, process, and use personal data. While this is a step toward more increased privacy and security for the individual it will mean a huge overhaul for the way most businesses run. Compliance in GDPR is required and we have put together a top notch seminar line-up to help you make sure you are prepared.

Make sure you join Osman Ismail for ‘How to Use Your PMS to Comply with GDPR’ Sabina Horgan for ‘GDPR - The Road to Compliance for SME Legal Firms’ and James Balderstone for ‘Cyber Essentials - A Stepping Stone to GDPR’ as just a few of the expert speakers discussing GDPR and compliance. Check them out below.

To check out the suppliers who can help make sure you are ready for May 25th 2018, click here.

GDPR Speakers

  • Panel Session Speaker: Sabina Horgan

    Sabina Horgan
    Thread Legal

    GDPR – The road to compliance for SME legal firms

  • Panel Session Speaker: James Balderstone

    James Balderstone
    Lucid Networks Ltd

    Cyber Essentials – a stepping stone to GDPR

  • Panel Session Speaker: Osman Ismail

    Osman Ismail
    DPS Software

    How to use your PMS to Comply with GDPR