Tips for the Modern Law Firm

The legal sector has been around a long time, in fact, the ancient egyptians had a legal system dating as far back as 3000 BCE. Of course, the nature of the law and the legal profession has changed drastically since its beginning. The modern era is no different. 

Over the last 50 or so years since the beginning of the technological revolution, every industry has faced drastic changes in how work is sourced, processed, and reviewed. As we become more and more reliant on technology these changes keep on coming. For businesses to remain on top in this modern environment, legal businesses need to be able to find the balance between ancient profession, and modern commercial enterprise.

With this in mind, we have put together a snapshot of what modern law firms should be looking at as we move into 2018…

  • GDPR - As of May 25th 2018 the UK will be implementing its new data protection law. While this is not a tool for modernisation it is key to making sure your information and your clients information remains legal and secure moving forward. 

  • Client Retention & Experience - While always good business practice, our society has become more reliant than ever on reviews. Potential clients will be looking at which firms have the highest ratings of client success and satisfaction before signing on. Being in a high ranking brand will be more important (and researched) than ever before. Along with Band ratings from sites such as, clients are able to leave independent reviews on sites such as and as we all know, people tend to be more inclined to write a bad review than a good one, so keeping your clients happy is vital.

  • Value - Again, this seems like it would go without saying but providing a good value for money balance is more essential than ever in the legal industry. Clients are looking for legal services the same way they would look at any other purchase, and this means the need to stand out as financially viable. 

  • Marketing - Along with keeping current clients happy, it is important to be continually building your client base. This can be done by making yourself known through marketing. Making the most of a good marketing strategy, including advertising, press releases, and social media can help put you ahead of the pack. 

  • Stay on top of CPD and Continuing Competence - Making sure you are keeping up to date on the current topics and issues facing the legal sector is extremely important when it comes to making sure your company or business continues to thrive in this changing market. 

While all of these points might seem obvious, they are vital to keep in mind as we continue to move forward into a modern world of online reviews, technological advancements, cyber security concerns and increasing competition. 

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