The Alius 5 Sales Predictions for 2018

Happy New Year!

Based on our current work and research we've undertaken these are our 5 key sales predictions for 2018. You will see there is a recurring technology theme.

1.         Video

As the quality and functionality of video increases we expect content to become more prevalent and will be used not just for marketing and social media but in tenders and sales pitches. It will differentiate you at minimal cost.

Over 50% of senior execs and decision makers agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.

2.    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

       AI, big data and predictive analytics will continue to have an increasing role to play in the sales & marketing process. The ability to analyse trends and decision making patterns is extremely powerful. We're only just scratching the surface.

Watch out for more from Alius on this as the year progresses.

3.    Engaging with those Prospects

       We will continue to see more meetings through video conferencing, Skype, WhatsApp and Messenger. Not only is it more cost effective it's also doing your bit for the environment.

4.    Sales Team Structures

Flexiblity is becoming the norm with more working from home and more internal sales meetings making use of technology.

We're also seeing more 'flat' structures which we've always been big advocates of. In an experienced sales team everyone should pull together, share views and ideas with the sales manager's role to present the teams ideas to senior management. Hierarchy in sales teams is largely becoming a thing of the past.

5.    Thought Leadership

It's becoming harder to differentiate your proposition from that of your competitors. More organisations are looking for outside help to create fresh ideas, new thinking and stand out in the market.

More on this from Alius during 2018 as we develop our service offering to help you. 


These are our 5 key predictions but you may have others. We would love to hear from you but one thing is clear, technology will continue to play a significant role.

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