Before you sign that contract

Congratulations, you’ve made the call, submitted the tender, attended the pitch and had verbal confirmation that you are to be appointed, subject to agreeing terms.

Welcome to our fourth article in the ‘Before you..’ series. This is where you typically get your legal team involved to draw up a contract or at least review one prepared by the client.

So is this where the business development team step away and hand over to the client servicing team?

In short, NO! Without stating the obvious until the contract is signed it isn’t! Remember the case that fell down at this stage? I’ve always taken the view that the sales team are fully responsible until the contract is signed.

Over the years I’ve often added value at this stage during contract negotiations. Very rarely does a client accept your standard contract without some amendment. Where necessary I’ve taken the role of ‘bad cop’ allowing the Client Relationship Manager to be the good guy. Once signed I’m onto the next job whereas he’s in it for the long term.

Remember though :

1. Always get amendments agreed by your legal team before signing.

2. Avoid under pricing to buy business in. In the majority of cases it comes back to bite you.

So you’ve made it, the contract is signed and ownership transfers to the client servicing team. It’s been a long journey since you first made contact. Enjoy the moment as it will start again tomorrow..

Once again, if you would like any additional information please contact Darren Jefferson on or call 020 3637 6325.