Chang Zi Qian


Chang is the Co Founder of INTELLLEX and he is admitted to practise law as an Advocate and Solicitor in the Supreme Court of Singapore. Chang is part of the Singapore Government’s Committee for the Future Economy (Legal and Accounting) Work Group that conceptualised the Singapore Legal Tech Vision to chart Singapore’s path towards becoming a legal tech hub. Apart from leading INTELLLEX to be nominated as one of the APAC CIO Outlook Top 10 Legal Tech Solutions in 2018, Chang was named twice as one of the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow at the St Gallen Symposium for his leadership and entrepreneurial efforts in the legal innovation and technology space.

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Why A.I.-enabled knowledge management is the foundation for New-Law

At its foundation, lawyering is about turning legal knowledge into solutions for clients. These solutions are rarely so novel that there aren't existing work products for lawyers to reference. As a result, lawyers spend a significant amount of time searching for access to this knowledge. As the industry moves towards automation and the use of AI becomes more mainstream, more attention should be given to how the creation, management, consumption and distribution of knowledge within law firms can be automated. The law firms of tomorrow must develop capabilities to turn dormant data into intellectual capital, giving them more leverage on their billings. This seminar will discuss why KM is a key function for law firms and the benefits of deploying A.I. in this


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