Dan Peachey & James Potter

City Legal Translations

Dan Peachey is Commercial Director at the award-winning City Legal Translations. With over 17 years’ experience in the legal industry, in 2016 he led City Legal to be named the UK’s Fastest Growing Language Service Provider.

Dan has worked with 19 of the UK’s top 20 law firms and is a council member of the Association of Translation Companies. He is the UK representative and Vice Chair of Eulogia, the European Alliance of Translation Companies.

James Potter learned how to use LinkedIn hands-on in his role as a sales director. His success brought in over £10 million sales whilst in corporate life and persuaded him to go into business as The LinkedIn Man!

Now one of the UK’s leading LinkedIn experts, James has helped over 110 UK PLCs to commercialise their online presence. He specialises in showing LinkedIn in a different light and sharing experiences that equip clients for success.

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Translating LinkedIn into fee income across the globe

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with ½ billion users in 200 countries, yet over 95% of users struggle to understand how to make it work well for them. City Legal Translations teams up with “The LinkedIn Man” to offer a motivational talk on helping your firm get more clients globally, with insight that has seen firms billing over 50% of their monthly fee income to clients found within LinkedIn.


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