Jatinder Loyal, Colette Best and Harkamal Boyal

Solicitors Regulation Authority

Jatinderpal Loyal, Policy Associate

Since joining the Law Society Group in May 2003, Jatinderpal has played a key role in developing the SRA’s approach to outcomes-focused regulation and the supervision of firms. Jatinderpal has led on the SRA’s approach to monitoring the ban on referral fees in personal injury and the regulation of financial services. Of late, his work has focused on the SRA’s Accounts Rules and Client Protection arrangements and improving the SRA’s engagement with small firms.

Colette Best, Policy Manager

Colette is a Policy Manager and leads on anti-money laundering policy at the SRA. Prior to joining the SRA, Colette worked in financial services policy specialising in investments at the Association of British Insurers, and housing policy at the Building Societies Association. Colette has been involved with preventing money laundering since 2007, when she worked on the implementation of the previous money laundering regulations at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and has maintained an interest in this area ever since.

Harkamal Boyal, Team Leader

Since joining the SRA in 2012 as a case worker Harkamal has moved between individual and firm based teams working in both a case work and management capacity. She currently has oversight of firm based work, specifically in relation to new firm applications.

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From set up to succession: tips for running your firm

Topics covered in this session will include tips on setting up a new firm, how you need to prepare for succession, as well as the rules around referral fees. We plan for the bulk of the session to be a Q & A, offering you the opportunity to get your specific regulatory queries answered.


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