Jon Sellers worked in the Banking and Financial Industry for over 20 years in both Operations and Customer Services. Serving some of the largest corporate customers of the Banking and Custodian business Jon was able to deliver customer success by turning around relationships which had historically been troubled.
By using a mentality of customer first and adopting new innovative ways of delivering services saw great growth in customer feedback and loyalty.
In 2018 Jon moved to the IT services industry where a new level of customer service generating trust and loyalty between the customer and the provider was evident.
Through adopting best practises gained in many years of serving large Global Investment Managers, Banks and Financial groups Jon has helped to deliver an ever important focus within Umbee Group on delivering a higher level of service to customers ensuring the customer succeeds in their own fields more and more.

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In today’s challenging environment customers demand a focus on service like never before. Providers across sectors are now expected to deliver services tailored to customer’s needs and requirements, not just today but also as the customer grows and their business changes. Customers now expect their provider to be agile in their servicing models so how do providers achieve a higher level of flexibility within their own customer services model?


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