Penny Andrews

CLS Risk Solutions Limited

Penny is CLS Risk Solution’s lead environmental underwriter and has over 20 years’ experience within the property industry. Penny is a Chartered Surveyor who has, since 2001, specialised in the environmental risks and liabilities associated with property ownership, management and development.

Having worked for both the RICS and in private practice, Penny has experience of influencing government policy, and preparing best practice guidance for the property industry, as well as providing professional advice to a wide range of clients (including property investors, pension trustees, banks, landowners, developers, Local Authorities and even the Environment Agency).
Penny has a wealth of expertise in managing and mitigating environmental risk and is now applying her professional experience to the world of insurance underwriting.

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Environmental Liabilities – Understanding How To Handle The Risk

Environmental search reports have, over the last sixteen years, become a standard part of the conveyancing process, but how do you advise your client on the best way forward when the search result suggests that further action is needed? This seminar from a specialist in environmental property risk will give you the tools to tackle this situation more effectively, thereby minimising the impact on the property transaction.


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